Singapore To Bangkok

Hello single traveller guy! Have you experienced Thailand yet? You’re in for a real treat if you haven’t been there yet.  There are so many girls that will love to hand out with a foreigner like you.  Girls in Thailand are very different than the girls back in your country.  This is especially true if you come from countries such as Canada and the United States.  Girls from these countries are subject to too much political correctness and have become too cold towards men.

On the other hand, Thai women are very warm and don’t get this whole political correctness stuff.  They don’t get offended by the stupidest little thing like western women do.  In fact, it’s pretty hard to offend a thai girl unless you’re a real jerk.

So you can imagine that this blog will be dedicated to the single male traveler by now.  Although Bangkok has a vibrant nightlife there is still a lot more to see than bars and more bars.  If you want to go to the beach when you are in Bangkok you can either drive to Pattaya or Hua Hin, both of which are just a couple hours away.  You can take the bus or hire a taxi to take you there.  The bus would obviously be a lot cheaper but if you’re willing to pay, a taxi driver would be certainly happy to take you there.

In Bangkok there are many things to see but getting around can be quite difficult if you don’t know the city.  The best way to get around is on the BTS Skytrain or the MRT.  This low cost form of travel is the quickest way to get around Bangkok.  Try to avoid taxis as much as possible in the city.  Traffic in Bangkok is horrendously bad.  A trip that would normally take 10 minutes could end up taking more than an hour just to give you an idea of how bad it can be.

There are a couple of red light districts that you definitely cannot miss.  One is Nana plaza and the other is Soi Cowboy.  Google these for the location.  At Nana Plaza there are many bars and go go bars.  Be careful of which bore you go into though because some may only have Ladyboys.  If Ladyboys are your thing then you’ll be in heaven because there’s quite a few really smoking of Ladyboys that work at some of these clubs.


If you just want to regular girls then you’ll find some real hotties in some of the go go bars as there are many.  Be careful with your money when you go to these places and make sure your wallet is always in your pocket.  It’s generally safe and sometimes you have to worry more about tourists than people that actually live there.  When you get your bill make sure that you double check it to ensure that you have not been charged extra for drinks.  If you’re buying lady drinks for the dancers make sure that you keep track of how many drinks you buy and that your bill is correct.

There’s so much to write about Bangkok but most of our content will be about nightlife in how to have a good time safely.  We hope that this little guide is a good overview of what you can expect when traveling to Bangkok.